CLM Community 14th General Assembly will take place at Paestum on Septembre 17-20, 2019

Dear all,
you are cordially invited to attend the 14th CLM-Community Assembly, which will be organized by CMCC Foundation (Italy) and will take place at Hotel Ariston, Paestum from Septembre 17 to Septembre 20, 2019.

The assembly is the annual meeting of the CLM-Community and aims to bring together colleagues working with COSMO-CLM.

It is a platform for discussion and exchange of information on model developments and applications already achieved as well as on ongoing projects, via oral and poster presentations.

A number of social/cultural events is planned to be organized, in order for the Conference partecipants to enjoy their stay at the most!

A keynote will be given by Prof. Antonio Navarra (president of CMCC) as invited speaker.

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